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Lady Electric is a multitalented artist, inspired by art history and many different practices of visual art. At the beginning of her career, she focused on drawing and design, followed by ambient creation, comics, and photography. Finally, fashion street styling, rock subculture, and alternative art steered her to the tattoo culture universe.

In 2002, her Life is Pain project came to life: she started her tattoo art education and training abroad, accompanied by many visits to international tattoo conventions and collaborations with renowned European tattoo masters.

In 2013, the Lady Electric Tattoo Art Studio  opened its doors in Ljubljana. The concept of the studio is based on valuing the tattoo as a form of expression of personality and as a permanent body ornament that tells a unique story of each individual.

Lady Electric can adapt her technique to a range of styles to bring you a hybrid custom design that will truly reflect your unique taste and point of view. Her long-lasting artwork with vivid colors and clean lines will bring you joy for many years to come.

She is inspired by classic motives from the evergreen tattoo repertoire and by various schools of ornamental designs,which she loves to adapt to the curves and contours of the body.

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